Dobro - Tim Tweedale

How to Pick your Placement Level

No music theory or music reading skills required whatsoever! You will stay with the same instructor for the entire Camp. No class rotations.


All Instruments:
Should know basic open chords, 3-8 chords at least. Should be able to strum and change chords easily and steadily. Should know 2 to 12 simple songs. A knowledge of reading tablature is a huge plus, but not necessary. Should be able to tune their instrument by ear or with a tuner, put on the picks if used, know which string is which (first, second, etc) and the names of the strings.


Banjo Players:

Should know a couple of basic rolls, (Forward, backward, alternating thumb). Banjo — should be able to play ONE song all the way thru, preferably, Cripple Creek or Boil Them Cabbage.

Mandolin and Flatpickers:

Should be comfortable using the pick, basic chords, should know 2-12 instrumental songs but do not have to be up to speed.



All Instruments:
All of the above plus… Should be able to comfortably play chords, 10-20 tunes from memory, some scales and be able to get a good sound from the instrument. Understand the use of a capo. Should be becoming aware of the instrument's role in a group situation and be asking questions such as: "How do I backup another musician or singer?" or "How do I play solos up the neck? " or "How can I learn to play faster?"

Flatpickers and Mandolins:
Plectrum users should be able to play some fiddle tunes using appropriate alternating strokes at a moderate tempo. Understand movable chords. Transpose chords from one key to another. Play some tunes with variations.

Banjo Players:
Should be able to play 3-4 different rolls up to speed. Should know 1st and 2nd position chords and hopefully 3rd position chords. Should be able to interchange rolls and riffs